6 Reasons to use an IT recruiter for your 2023 job search

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Accelerated adoption of new tech, an increase in the number of digital consumers and the rise of automation means that it’s possible to find exciting and dynamic IT roles in a wide range of sectors, from retail and finance to the creative industries. In fact, IT and tech jobs now make up 14% of all the job opportunities in the UK. But even with so many opportunities available it can be hard to find the right roles that not only match your skill set but also offer the right chances for personal and professional development. Using a specialist recruiter can help you pinpoint the perfect new IT job for 2023. 

6 Reasons you should use an IT recruiter  

Using a specialist IT recruiter can help you find the right role, at the right salary, that keeps your long-term career progression on track. Applying for roles directly can be time consuming and large generalised recruitment companies can feel impersonal. A specialist recruiter has the knowledge and skills to dedicate themselves to your job search. Specialist recruiters are: 

 1. Full of industry insight and knowledge 

At Fruition IT we specialise in matching IT and technology professionals with their perfect role. When you use a specialist IT recruiter, like us, you gain access to a wealth of industry knowledge and insight. We spend every day helping candidates like you find their next role, so we understand the skills the market is looking for, how pay scales in the industry are moving and the trends that look set to impact the tech sector today, tomorrow and in the future.  

 2. Part of an extensive network of connections 
Specialist recruiters have spent years building a network of relationships with industry employers, large and small. This means they have access to opportunities that aren’t being posted on job boards. They may also have access to the companies they work with exclusively, meaning you won’t find those roles elsewhere, or they can discover and suggest new roles to you that could be the perfect fit. 

 3. Expert negotiators  
Negotiating a job offer with a potential employer can be daunting. But being a good negotiator is part of a recruiter’s job description. They can act as a middleman or a buffer between you and the employer, making it easier to navigate offers and counteroffers. They can also provide advice on how to ask for additional benefits, flexible working and more. 

 4. Able to guide you through the process 

Recruiters can offer you guidance and advice on every aspect of the application and interview process. Most recruiters will know how best to structure your CV.  

A specialist IT recruiter like Fruition will also be able to give more specific advice for different careers like automation testing, data engineering or Cloud engineering. They can also advise on in-demand programming languages or help you move from a permanent role into contracting

 5. A more efficient use of your time 
We all know how stressful and time consuming a job hunt can be. Using a specialist recruiter is a much more efficient and effective use of your time. Rather than you spending hours trawling through job boards, employer websites and filling out application forms, a recruiter can do that work for you. Meaning you can spend more time focussing on important tasks like preparing for interviews or taking courses to improve your marketable skills. 

 6. Free to use 

For candidates, working with a recruiter is fee-free! Recruiters are paid by employers when they fill positions, which gives them an incentive to make sure they are putting forward the best candidates for a role. Pro tip: when choosing a recruiter to work with, take some time to research them. The best recruiters have a proven track record of hiring in your industry and will take the time to learn about you, your passions, and your career goals. 

Fruition IT can accelerate your job search and find you the perfect IT role 

At Fruition IT we care about making your whole career better, not just finding you your next role. Our consultants are experts in the IT and technology industries and can provide guidance and support so you can find your ideal role and reach your long-term career aspirations. 

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