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Find out why associates choose to work with Fruition Consulting

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Fruition Consulting are proud to have a network of more than 100 associates who together represent an outstanding cross section of the very best tech talent the UK has to offer.

But, why do so many associates want to work with us? We asked Senior Associate (CTO), Dan Whiteley, and DevOps Consultant, Keith Rogers.

Dan Whiteley has over 20+ years’ experience in delivering IT transformation. He's had specific focus within the financial services market and more recently moved into the sports betting industry solving challenges around scale up and building high performing, always on, low latency platforms.

Keith Rogers has extensive experience in DevOps, security operations, networking and infrastructure. He is an expert in best practices, deployment tooling, automation, containerisation, monitoring and AWS. Keith is a competent technology leader as well as working autonomously.

What do you like about Fruition Consulting?

Dan: I really enjoy working with Fruition Consulting, they are a very supportive agile company and they’ve got a fantastic customer base.

Keith: I like that Fruition Consulting are creating a community of highly talented individuals who can easily work together and collaborate on different projects. This differs from traditional agency set ups where you don’t often get to talk with other likeminded individuals in a collaborative space.

What are the benefits of working with Fruition Consulting?

Dan: I’ve been with Fruition Consulting for a few months now and for me the benefits are numerous, of which the key ones are around the customer base – it’s varied. There is a lot of demand for my skillset and experiences, these guys are keeping me very busy!

Keith: I find it very beneficial to work with Fruition Consulting in that they are working to build relationships with a number of different clients which affords independent businesses like mine the ability to have access to have a wider range of potential clients than I’ve seen previously. This is further bolstered by the community they have created.

Would you recommend becoming an associate with Fruition Consulting?

Dan: Absolutely! The customer base is great and growing, the work is varied. I think the guys at Fruition Consulting really do look after their associates and it’s great to be working for an agile business who ultimately have the associate’s interests at heart. They show that in terms of how they support you whilst you’re out on placement and also the variability of work that is available.

Keith: I would recommend joining Fruition Consulting as an associate because it offers you and your business room to grow both personally and professionally without having to seek out and establish new business by yourself.

Do you see yourself as a good fit for the Fruition Consulting team? We’re offering talented tech people fantastic opportunities to work on exciting projects.

If you think you tick all of those boxes, please get in touch!

Blog originally published on Fruition Consulting.

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