Dan Sharp | Systems Developer

"No two days are ever the same. There is so much variety and creativity in the work we do"

Describe life at Evident in one word 


What does your day-to-day role look like at Evident?

It’s a bit of a cliché to say, but no two days are ever the same. There is so much variety and creativity in the work we do that one day we could be researching and implementing new technologies into our registry systems, and the next day we could have workshops with other development teams from around the world from some very big and recognisable companies!

I would say though the majority of my day is spent working with our team scoping out feature requests and spending time with them on finding new and creative ways to implement said features into our systems.

What impact does your work have in the tradition to the global clean economy?

It’s a difficult one to answer! It’s difficult because you can get tunnel-vision in any job where you simply are so hyper-focused on your deliverables, that you lose sight of the bigger picture. However, it’s amazing and also very humbling when we speak to our partners and end-users, and they tell us stories of how a feature that we implemented has had a very large and material impact on their ability to do some amazing things for their local communities and also at a larger, more global scale. It always takes me aback when reading the statistics of how many companies are using our service, and the volumes they are posting through it. There is real, positive change happening in the world and I’m so fortunate to be part of it.

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